Develop Cloud Native

Develop web and mobile apps in less time on the Cloud. Focus on the code, we'll take care of the rest. We’re built on rock solid, open Platform as a Service technologies. And unlike other PaaS providers, we’ll never lock you into expensive production infrastructure.

At Digital Garage, we make DevOps easy so you can GO/CODE:Cloud Native.


Deploy Applications Not Infrastructure

Build applications easier so you can focus on what really matters.

Fully Equipped

Digital Garage provides everything you need for development in a fully managed runtime environment: configuration, orchestration, failover, logging, monitoring, security, and more.

Rock Solid

For 15 years, Google has entrusted billions of containers and their production environments to Kubernetes. Digital Garage is built on this rock solid foundation. Your applications run inside the only container orchestration engine proven to work in the world’s most demanding production environments, Google Kubernetes.

GitHub and GitLab Integrations

Digital Garage integrates seamlessly to git-based repositories such as GitHub and GitLab. This means that your applications can be configured to monitor and auto deploy every pull request or commit, regardless of the branch or working directory.


Your applications scale on demand through the Digital Garage web console or command line interface. Configure your applications to scale automatically based on CPU usage.

Continuous Delivery

Implementing continuous workflows for your applications is a snap with Digital Garage’s support for Openshift Pipelines and GitHub webhooks. These integrations make building, iterating, staging, and deploying applications easy, visual, and efficient.

Work Fearlessly

Stop worrying. With Digital Garage you progressively rollout changes to your application and monitor its health at the same time. If something goes wrong, we’ll automatically rollback the changes for you.

Application Metrics

You’ll always know what’s going on with your applications thanks to built-in monitoring of your network, response times, memory, CPU load, and errors.

Persistent Datastores

Extend and enhance your applications with your favorite database or cache. Digital Garage provides pre-built persistent and ephemeral templates for MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, and Memcached.


You’ll never get locked into a dead end platform because Digital Garage is built on extensible open source tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Openshift. Thousands of DockerHub containers and curated templates for popular frameworks and languages are available to you. The options are limitless.

Evergreen Containers

The Digital Garage platform can be configured to continuously monitor and automatically update containers from private or public registries.

Getting started with your first project is easy.


Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple. Decide how much Memory, CPU, Storage, and Data Transfer you need, then choose the pricing tier that’s best for you. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. No surprises or long-term commitments.

Calculate your monthly cost

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Our Partners

It would be impossible for Digital Garage to provide its Platform as a Service without the help of our partners. We partner with organizations that deliver the expertise to get your application or business off the ground.


At Digital Garage we believe that anyone can build applications. We want to empower people and bring a new wave of developers into the industry. We work with not-for-profit organizations and immersive software engineering schools that inspire those who have a thirst to learn. Together we can use technology to better serve our world and each other.